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Planning services

Planning advice, enquiries, permits, assessment, enforcement, and fees.

To make it easy for you to design an OSD system to our requirements, we have put together a set of guidelines and a checklist. You can submit the checklist along with your application form and OSD system plans.
The cost of a planning application depends on what you want to do and which class it fits into.
Preparing your planning application. Preparing your plans. Lodge your application. Fast-tracked planning assessments.
Do you need a planning permit? Talk to our planners. What zone is my property in? Submit a planning enquiry. Apply for consent to demolish (Section 29A). Request for Planning Consent. Specific land use and development.
About subdivisions. Subdivision permit application steps. Subdivision permit approval process.
Track your planning application. Request for further information (RFI). Amend an application for a planning permit. Advertising of your planning application. Objections to your planning permit. Planning Committee meetings. Deciding on a planning application.
Object to a planning application. View planning applications.
Amend an existing planning permit. Extend an existing planning permit. Obtain copies of plans and permits. Submission of plans to comply with a permit condition
You need to submit a waste management plan with your planning application for multi-unit developments with 6 or more dwellings, mixed use developments and commercial developments.
How we make sure everyone is complying with our Planning Scheme, relevant legislation and relevant planning permits.

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