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Apply for a siting variation

When a design for a single Class 1 building (dwelling) and associated Class 10 buildings (fences, carport, garages sheds or the like) does not comply with the requirements of Part 5 of the Building Regulations 2018 (ResCode), an application for Report and Consent (called a Siting Variation) may be required.

Please discuss with the relevant building surveyor engaged for the issue of the building permit before making an application.

Documentation required

Your application for a siting variation should include the following:

  • Siting Variation Application form. Ensure you select the relevant regulation.
  • A set of properly prepared plans, that demonstrate the proposal in terms of appearance and construction including full dimensions drawn to scale, plan and side elevation view, and location of adjoining properties, including front and side setbacks, window locations and other important information.
  • A design brief which outlines the reasons for seeking special consideration. Ensure the design brief is clear and legible. Include design considerations for non-compliance and address the Ministerial Guideline.
  • Adjoining/nearby property owners comments regarding variation to siting regulations form in cases where owners of nearby properties are required to be consulted.
  • A copy of title for the property, no older than 3 months to the date of submission to Council (to include any associated Covenants, 173 agreements, MCPs, building envelopes, etc).
  • A copy of the approved plan of subdivision for the property.
  • The Credit Card Payment form if you wish to pay by credit card. 
  • Council does not provide details of adjoining owners for building-related enquiries. To get this information you can order a copy of Title online.


The application fee is $290.40 per regulation. This fee is non-refundable and valid until 30 June 2020.

How to submit

Submit your completed form and payment:

What happens next?

Complete applications will be processed within 15 business days.

Further information

For further information please refer to the following web links:

Building Regulations 2018

Due to recent and substantial amendments to the Building Act 1993, Building Interim Regulations 2017 and the implementation of the New Building Regulations 2018 – links to the documentation supplied by the Victorian Building Authority are currently under review and links will be provided when this information is made available.