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Subdivision application steps

Subdivision applications and plans must be prepared by a licensed land surveyor.

Application process

In most instances, subdivision involves these steps:

  1. If a development is involved, you must first apply for a planning permit for the development of the land (for example, the construction of a second dwelling on a lot).
  2. Once the required planning permit has been granted, you can then lodge your engineering plans with us.
  3. Once your subdivision application has been approved by us, the final step is to lodge a Plan of Subdivision with the Land Titles Office for the creation of the separate titles.

A brief outline of the subdivision process is explained in this Subdivision Application flowchart.


  • Subdivision applications involving a development should first have a planning permit allowing the development and use of the site. The subdivision proposal must be in accordance with the development and use permit.
  • A subdivision which proposes to create a vacant lot will generally not be supported by the council. We prefer to know how the site will be developed. This is why the planning permit should come before the subdivision application.
  • Where the proposal is to subdivide existing buildings on a site, a planning permit may not be required.

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