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Pre-application – Statutory Planning

Council offers a pre-application service to customers looking to lodge a planning permit application. Pre-Application advice does not guarantee a permit will be issued, but it will identify any concerns or suggestions for improvement on your future application. Council offers three service options, the key components of which are summarised below:


  • Meeting with planner
  • Internal referral responses included in Council’s response
  • Written response within seven days of meeting with planner
  • Fee $750


  • Meeting with planner
  • Written response within seven days of meeting with planner.
  • Fee $280


  • Phone call with planner to discuss proposal
  • No fee.

What do I need to include?

You can submit a request for a pre-application meeting by completing the online form.

Submit a pre-application meeting 

To get the best advice and direction for your proposal, start the process early. It's helpful to provide the following information with your request:

  • All relevant documentation submitted to Council (for example, concept plans and reports)
  • Land address/es
  • Description of your proposal/cover letter
  • Site plan showing the proposed design in context with adjoining properties
  • Concept plans (for example, floor plans and elevations)
  • Certificate of title, including any restrictions (Note: this is not mandatory, but is helpful)
  • Pre-application fee that may apply (see above)

Please note Planning Officers will only be able to comment on information provided.

If you don't have all of the above information just yet, don't worry. You can seek general planning advice; we have planners on duty Monday to Friday to assist with general verbal enquiries on 9705 5200.

Other details – pre-application process

  • A Planning Officer will review the information you have provided and will contact you to organise a time to discuss your request. After you have received the pre-application advice, you can contact the planning officer directly if you need further assistance, prior to lodging your full application.
  • You may wish to talk to your neighbours before finalising your plans. If they are unhappy with an aspect of your proposal, you may be able to reach a compromise before lodging your planning application.
  • If you obtained a copy of title for the pre-application service, be aware that the copy of title lodged with the planning application must be current (not older than 30 days).

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