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Bonds Process

Bonds are accepted mostly on staged subdivisions. Developers need a bond when:

  • Council invests in a road and/or reserve
  • To secure incomplete works

Council accepts civil and landscape bonds via the following methods:

  • Cash payments
  • Bank guarantees

Getting your bond approved

  1. Download DCP or ICP fees and bonds template.
  2. Complete the ‘Subdivision Fees and Bonds Spreadsheet’. Only enter data green fields. Do not change any other fields.
  3. Upload spreadsheet into SPEAR under "other actions". Use the drop down tab “Add Fees & Bonds for Approval” in excel form only.
  4. Upload any supporting documentation relating to fees and bonds into SPEAR. Under the "other actions" drop tab, select “Add Supporting Docs for Fees & Bonds”. The document can be in any format supported by SPEAR. Examples of supporting information includes road and drainage cost schedule and landscape Opinion of Probable Costs (OPC).
  5. A Civil Incomplete Works Bond needs a description of why the work cannot be completed before SOC (Statement of Compliance). This must be approved by the planner/engineer.
  6. You no longer need a bond for kerbside numbering or asphalt wearing course before the SOC. These works must be completed before the End of Defects Liability is signed off and before the EDLP bond is returned.
  7. A review undertaken in August 2020, resulted in civil works and landscape bonds amounts being significantly reduced. Please visit the Casey amends bonds process to find out more.

After your bond is approved

Once bonds are approved, it can be paid via:

  • BPay
  • Cheque
  • Bank Guarantee

Note: the guarantee must be a bank guarantee. Insurance bonds will not be accepted.

Paying bond by BPAY or cheque

If you pay the bond by either BPay or cheque, you can request an invoice by email  with the payee details. Invoices can be made out to the correct name and address.

You can make payments directly to BPay after receiving your invoice. If paying by cheque, it should be posted out to PO Box 1000. You must allow for up to 2 weeks for the cheques to be received.

Paying bonds by bank guarantees

Bonds that are paid via bank guarantees do not require an invoice. Bank guarantees should be posted out to PO Box 1000. Allow for 2 weeks for these guarantees to be received.

Acknowledging bond payments

Once Council has received your bond payment, it will be ticked off via the conditions section in SPEAR.

Please provide reference to the stamped civil or landscape plans along with the bond.

Releasing your bond

You can request to release the bond once the End of Defects period finishes or works are completed. Once Council gives you an End of Maintenance letter, you may then ask to release your bond by email. Please include bank account and address details.

After confirming that works are completed or End of Defects period has been reached, these bonds will be released.

Bonds for outstanding works

Council will return Civil Outstanding Works bonds only once works have finished. If your bond is released in parts, they will be realised increments of 25%, 50% and 75%. When requesting for a return of the Civil Outstanding Works bond, you must state the percentage of works that have been completed. After our site inspectors confirm the finished works, the bond will be released.

Council only accepts Civil Outstanding Works bonds on a case-by-case basis. When you request a Civil Outstanding Works bond you must supply an approved reason and estimated time of completion.

Council will only accept Incomplete Works bonds for the last stage of the development in exceptional circumstances. Significant justification must be given. An agreement should also be reached between the relevant planner and engineer.

Our process is in accordance with Section 9 of the VPA Engineering Design and Construction Manual. 

If you require any further information, please contact the Subdivision team on 9705 5200 or by email.

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