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Apply for an asset protection permit

Alert iconApplying for your asset protection permit online is the quickest way to receive your permit. Apply online to receive your permit via email within 7 working days.

Application checklist

To submit an asset protection permit application, you must:

  • inspect and photograph your building site for pre-existing damage to Council assets
  • notify us of any existing damage in your online permit application
  • ensure you are familiar with the relevant fees that apply to your application
  • ensure you have read understood the terms and conditions that apply to your application

How to apply

Apply online

If you are unable to apply online, please complete the Asset Protection Permit Application form.

You can notify us of any damage by submitting the City of Casey Pre-existing Damage Report Template or your own pre-existing damage report.

Please submit the application form, damage report template and payment:

For fee details, please see below.

What happens next

If approved, we will either:

  • email your permit within 7 working days if you applied online
  • process your paper application within 7-10 days and then post your permit to you (allow a further 3-5 days)

Once you have received your permit, you can start your building works.

Your permit is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

When you must apply for a permit

You must apply for an Asset Protection Permit if you are planning to build (or undertake demolition works) in City of Casey. You cannot start any building works (including the delivery of any materials and equipment) until a permit is granted.

Building works and other works that require a permit

The following is a list of common building and other works that will need a permit:

  • construction of a dwelling, unit, garage, pool house or building
  • demolition or removal of a structure
  • extension to a dwelling
  • additions or alterations to a dwelling
  • construction or installation of a swimming pool or spa
  • fencing with continuous concrete strip footing, brick or masonry fencing
  • commercial or industrial development
  • structural or civil works

*Please note – Access to Council reserves is strictly limited. All requests are to be reviewed by the Asset Protection team.

Other building works may need a permit. If the building work you are planning is not listed above, contact us for more information.

Building works that do not require a permit

The following is a list of common building works that will not need a permit:

  • construction of decking or a verandah
  • construction of a pergola, carport or alfresco
  • restumping or underpinning of a dwelling or unit
  • installation of a pool or spa safety barrier
  • office fit-out or tenancy fit-out
  • fencing

Council assets

A Council asset is a structure that has a public service function and may require management and upkeep. They include, but are not limited to:

  • roads
  • footpaths
  • nature strips
  • kerb and channel
  • drainage pits and pipes
  • street furniture
  • signage
  • street trees
  • service pits

These assets are protected under the Asset Protection Permit Local Law 2016.

Application fee and security bond

There are two payments required with your application:

  1. Non-refundable permit application fee: $326 (GST incl.)
  2. Minimum security bond: $1500

Higher security bonds for commercial developments

The minimum security bond applies to most residential building works.

For commercial and large-scale developments, including multi-lot subdivisions, you may need to pay a higher security bond. In such cases, we will issue you with a revised security bond. You must pay the revised security bond in full before we can issue your permit.

Reclaim your security bond

To reclaim your security bond, you must notify us your works have finished within 7 days. You can do this by requesting a final inspection of Council assets.

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