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Apply for consent to demolish (Section 29A)

Before you can get a building permit for demolition, you may need to apply for consent. You can apply for Consent to Demolish by completing the online form.

Apply for Consent to Demolish 

Applying for Consent to Demolish

Under Section 29A of the Building Act 1993, you may need demolition consent from the Planning department before you can get a demolition building permit. If you are unsure if you need Demolition Consent, we recommend you get advice from a registered building surveyor.

Demolition Consent (S29A) is councils consent only, and a building permit is still required to commence/complete the demolition works.

Please Note: If council approve a demolition consent request, this is consent for building structures only, not vegetation.

If your property is affected by a planning overlay, for example, Environmental Significant Overlay (ESO), Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) or Heritage Overlay (HO) a planning permit may be required to remove, destroy or lop vegetation. 

In addition, if your property has lot size of 4000m2 or more, then a planning permit may be required to remove, destroy or lop any Native Vegetation. 

To obtain further information and to assess if a planning permit is required to remove vegetation on your property, please call (03) 9705 5200 to speak to a Planner on Roster.

Application checklist

To apply for a Demolition Consent, you need to provide the following along with your completed application form:

  • A site plan drawn to scale showing the building, part building or facade (as applicable) to be demolished
  • A fee of $91.40

Other ways to apply

If you have attempted to apply online and were unable to do so, please complete a Consent to Demolish (Section 29A) Form A. If you wish to pay by credit card, please also complete a Credit Card Authorisation Form.

You can submit the form and relevant documentation:

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