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Waste and environment

Household rubbish and recycling. Hard waste collections. Littering and public bins. Septic systems. Fire and smoke. Needles and syringes. Graffiti. Noise.

Request bins. Find your bin collection day. Hard rubbish collections. Where to dispose of waste. Rebates for compost bins. The future of waste in Casey.
What we can and can't collect. Book a hard rubbish collection. Change or cancel your booking. Report a missed hard rubbish collection. Report dumped rubbish on your pile.
Report littering. Abandoned vehicles. Public bins. Skip bins. Clothing bins. Syringes. Trolleys.
Council manages trees, grass and gardens on public land across the City of Casey.
How do septic systems work. Apply to install or alter a septic system. Make a complaint about a septic system. Maintaining your septic system. Request septic tank plans.
Burn off permits. Report illegal burning. Report excessive smoke.
Our sustainability initiatives. Sustainability at home.
Needle exchange program. Report a discarded syringe.
Noise restrictions. Request to remove graffiti.
The Green Living in Casey newsletter and Facebook group provide the latest updates about environmental news and events in Casey.

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