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Pay your rates. How we calculate your rates. What your rates pay for.

You can request a previous rates notice online. To protect your privacy, we cannot send a copy of a rates notice to anyone other than who it was sent to originally.
We calculate your rates by multiplying the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of your property by our 'rate in the dollar'.
The money we collect from rates payments helps to deliver a huge variety of services and programs. Find out more about where your rates go.
You will receive a supplementary notice if there has been a change to your property that increases or decreases its value.
If you need information about a property, you can apply for a land information certificate. A land information certificate is usually necessary when a property is being bought, sold or for refinancing purposes.
Payment options. Concessions on your rates payment. Apply for a rates payment plan. Failure to pay your rates.