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The planning application process

After you've lodged your application it will be assigned to a planner and will go through a number of steps.

Assessment process

A brief outline of the planning permit process is explained in the Planning Permit Process Flowchart.

What happens to my application?

  • Your application will be assigned to a planning officer.
  • You can track your application using our online register.
  • The planning officer will undertake a preliminary assessment.

Other things that may happen:

  • Your application may be referred to relevant internal City of Casey departments
  • Your application may also be referred, where relevant, to external organisations such as CFA, VicRoads and/or Melbourne Water.
  • We may require further information or to clarify some details. If we do, we will contact you.

After we have everything we need:

  • The planning officer will undertake a further assessment, and will request additional information if required.

Your application may be advertised in accordance with the Planning & Environment Act 1987.

Final assessment

Your application will then undergo a final assessment and a decision will be made to approve or refuse. See Deciding on a planning application for more information.

Should you be unhappy with the result, you have the option of making an application to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to appeal.

Talk to us

We’re here to help you with general planning matters. We encourage you to talk to us before you submit your planning application. This could save you time and help you to submit your application correctly.

To talk to the planner on duty:

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