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Amend an application for a planning permit

After a planning application has been submitted to us for assessment, you may find that changes are required. Council may request changes or you may request a change if you believe the proposal needs to be altered.

You can request an amendment to your planning permit application via the planning applications portal, search for your planning application and select request Section 50 or Section 57A amendment.

Planning Application Portal

If you want to make a change to a planning permit that has already been granted, please see: Amend an existing planning permit.


If your application has already been advertised as part of the planning process, a fee will apply. The application may also need to be re-advertised.

If your application has not already been advertised, you do not need to pay any fees.

Other ways to request a change

If you are unable to amend an application online, please complete a Request for amendment to an application for Planning Permit form, and include revised plans or other relevant detail.

Revised plans must be of the same scale and type as those originally submitted for the Planning Application, and all changes should be clearly highlighted.

Submit your completed form, revised pans and fee payment:

What happens next?

We will assess the merits of your request and provide a written response.

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