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Bells Road

Bells Road
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Project Overview 

A new north-south arterial from the O’Shea Road and Monash Freeway Beaconsfield interchange in the north to Heather Grove in the south will relieve traffic congestion on Berwick-Cranbourne Road / Clyde Five Ways Road.

Project works to construct the new road will be undertaken in partnership between Council and residential developers whose estates border the road.


Once complete, it will: 

•    Provide a safer, more efficient journey for travelers, 
•    provide an alternative route to, and help reduce congestion on, Berwick-Cranbourne Road and Clyde Road,
•    provide a new north south access that connects to the Monash Freeway, and
•    improve access to developing residential estates in Berwick and Clyde North which rely on Berwick-Cranbourne Road for north-south access.

An overwhelming number of residents find that our roads’ congestion can make their daily commute to work or school more difficult, and believe that it can even make our city a less desirable place to live. These works respond directly to these concerns by improving our city’s transport network for an easier flow of traffic and better connectedness for residents in our growth areas; a crucial approach to keeping up with the strong pace of population growth. 


The following projects are complete:

  • Bells Road between the O’Shea Road and Carnival Boulevard Intersections
  • Bells Road and Grices Road Intersection
  • Bells Road between the Clara Street and Cavern Boulevard Intersections.
  • Bells Road between the Cavern Boulevard and Heather Grove Intersections.

The following projects are expected to be completed by mid of 2024:

  • Bells Road between the Huckerby Drive and Thompsons Road Intersections

Growth areas major road projects

Over the next 12 to 18 months, Council will partner with the development industry to deliver a trio of major road projects, Hardys Road, Tuckers Road and Bells Road, set to significantly improve our city’s transport network by allowing easier flow of traffic, better connectedness for residents and eased congestion – a key issue for some 88 percent of residents.

More information

For more information, contact Council’s City Design and Construction team on 9705 5200 or email [email protected]

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