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Do you need a planning permit?

Changes in the way your land is used or new developments on your land may or may not require a planning permit. You should always check with us before proceeding, as it is your responsibility to find out whether a permit is required. Even minor matters may require a planning permit.

Some common examples which may need a planning permit:

  • constructing or changing a building
  • starting to use land in a new way, particularly where it may create a demand for car parking
  • displaying a sign, such as advertising and business name
  • subdividing land
  • removing vegetation, such as trees
  • applying for a liquor licence

To obtain a planning permit you must make an application to us.

It also helps to know what zoning applies to your land. This will give you an idea of what you are and are not able to do within your area. For more information see Casey Planning Scheme.

Talk to us

We’re here to help you with your planning questions. To talk to the planner on duty please call (03) 9705 5200.

You can also find information for pre-application advice via the Casey website.


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