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Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

A Site Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a site specific plan developed to ensure that all necessary environmental protection measures are identified and implemented.

To help you understand council’s requirements for Site EMP submissions, our Site EMP Kit will help you prepare a site specific Environmental Management Plan to mitigate impacts on the environment from your construction activities.

Your Site EMP will outline environmental aspects of concern for the site, as well as their level of risk and environmental protection measures to diminish this risk.

This Site EMP Kit comprises of these elements:

Guidance Notes

The major components of the Guidance Notes include:

  • Requirements for environmental management on subdivision construction sites.
  • Risk assessment guidance
  • Lists of environmental protection measures that may be appropriate for use on your site
  • Self-check checklists to aid in internal reviews of Site EMPs and their implementation

The Guidance Notes are designed to be printed in A4 size.

Site EMP Kit Guidance Notes


Plans must be submitted to Council in A1 size and are to be generally in accordance with the Site EMP Kit Template.

Site EMP Kit Template document (124kb)

The Template document consists of two plans:

  • Plan 1 includes a space for a site plan and boxes for text, to detail the types and locations of environmental protection measures on the site. The existing text in the boxes in Plan 1 might need to be changed depending on the individual site conditions; however the boxes marked with an asterix (*) must be left unchanged unless prior approval has been obtained from the Council.
  • Plan 2 includes a risk assessment checklist and an area for designs showing the Environmental Protection Measures that will be used on the site.

Sample designs

Sample designs of Environmental Protection measures can be found below. The figures displayed in this Plan are only for general reference, and individual site conditions should be taken into account when designing the appropriate Environmental Protection Measures.

Sample designs of Environmental Protection Measures (1mb)

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