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Building services

Applying for a building permit. Request copies of building plans and permits. Other permits for building works.

Asset protection helps us protect our infrastructure assets from any damage that may occur during building or demolition works. You must apply for an Asset Protection Permit if you are planning to build (or undertake demolition works) in our city.
After you have finished your building works, you must notify us within 7 days. You can notify us online or by completing a paper form.
Building permits. How to apply.
Request house plans. Request building permit documents. Request industrial plans.
When council land is required as part of proposed building works, the owner or builder must obtain a hoarding permit and/or Report and Consent.
You may need to complete an application if you're intending to build over a drain or sewerage easement that we own.
Prior to a building permit, a flooding application may be required if the land is liable to flooding.
When a design does not comply with siting requirements, an application is required.
Before you apply for an occupancy permit, you will need to clarify whether you need to apply for one. Your building permit will specify this information.
To get information about your property, there are two Property Information Certificates you can apply for.
We can help you to determine if there is a current permit for building works in your area, and can investigate alleged breaches of the Building Act.
The legal point of discharge is where stormwater from your property discharges into a Council managed drain or the street kerb and channel.
Property owners are responsible for building and maintaining fences on their property. If you share a fence with a neighbour, you may be able to share any costs with them. If your fence is next to a Council property, you may apply to share fencing costs with us.
An Occupancy permit is required to be obtained for a public entertainment conducted in certain places and buildings.