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Cardinia Creek South


The Cardinia Creek South precinct is generally defined by Cardinia Creek in the north, Ballarto Road in the south, from Smiths Lane and the future Bells Road in the west and Muddy Gates Lane, McCormacks Road and Cardinia Creek in the east.

Precinct structure plan

Cardinia Creek South will be predominately residential. The future urban structure reflects this residential nature and provides for the protection of biodiversity and heritage values in the area. The region’s prominent landform, Cardinia Creek, will form an important riparian, recreational and environmental corridor through the precinct.

The precinct will also have a strong open space trail network, bookended by Cardinia and Clyde Creeks, creating a distinct, cohesive, urban character. The future community will also benefit from the adjacent Thompsons Road business investment and state significant industrial precinct in Cardinia, giving it broad ecological, social and economic regional connections.

The Future Urban Structure Plan below shows how the precinct will be developed over time. It identifies the location of roads, housing, employment and local parks.

cardinia creek structure plan

Quick facts

  • Area covered by the Precinct Structure Plan – approximately 848 ha
  • Estimated number of dwellings – 10,030 homes
  • Estimated future population – 28,100 people
  • Estimated number of local jobs – up to 1,600 jobs

Infrastructure Funding

Infrastructure within the precinct will be funded by contributions from landowners. The Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP):

  • Identifies the location for schools, community facilities, local parks and roads.
  • Establishes a framework for the collection of funding for infrastructure and services.
  • Ensure the cost is shared between the various developers and the wider community.

More information

Further information about the Cardinia Creek South precinct can be found in the following documents:

  • Cardinia Creek South Precinct Structure Plan
  • Cardinia Creek South Infrastructure Contributions Plan

This document can be accessed from the Victorian Planning Authority website.

For further enquiries, please contact the Growth and Investment Department:


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