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Devon Meadows


The Devon Meadows Precinct Structure Plan area is generally bounded by Craig Road to the west, the South Gippsland Highway to the north and east.

Precinct structure plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) will prepare the Devon Meadows PSP. The PSP will guide land use and development within the precinct. It is expected that South East Growth Corridor Plan (SEGCP) will guide land uses within the precinct.

This PSP is included in the City of Casey’s Vision for Remaining Growth Areas.

Infrastructure funding

Infrastructure within the precinct will be funded by contributions from landowners. The Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP):

  • identifies the location for schools, community facilities local parks and roads
  • establishes a framework for the collection of funding for infrastructure and services
  • ensure the cost is shared between the various developers and the wider community

More information

For more information about the Devon Meadows PSP, please contact the Victorian Planning Authority.

For any further enquiries, please contact the Growth and Investment Department:

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