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Gaming and liquor licensing

The Casey Planning Scheme provisions ensure that licensed premises are situated in appropriate locations in order to minimise impact of the licensed premises on the amenity of the surrounding areas and that gaming machines are situated in appropriate locations and premises to ensure the social and economic impacts of the location of gaming machines are considered.

Local Government Working Group on Gambling (LGWGOG)

The role of the Working Group is to provide a network for local government councillors and officers as well as community members and organisations to minimise the impact of problem gambling, including advocacy to State and Federal Governments, and to provide advice on Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) Board actions in this regard.

Since its formation, LGWGOG has served as an effective forum for local government and community representatives to share knowledge and understanding of the gambling industry and its effects in the local community.

The project team developed a suite of information sheets that can be used to better inform Council officers, Councillors, public health and community groups of the various roles and responsibilities each can have when addressing the harms associated with gambling activities.

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