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Planning advice

Do you need a planning permit? Talk to our planners. What zone is my property in? Submit a planning enquiry. Apply for consent to demolish (Section 29A). Request for Planning Consent. Specific land use and development.

You may need a planning permit if you are changing the way your land is used. This can include things like constructing or changing a building, using land in a new way, displaying a sign, subdividing land or removing vegetation. We recommend you talk to us before starting any project in Casey.
Our planners on duty are here to help you with all your planning questions.
A pre-application seeks to give advice on planning applications before they formally submit. We suggest coining a pre-application during the design process so we can help you to resolve issues that might arise during the formal application.
To find out the zoning of your property, you can apply for a planning certificate.
Submit a planning enquiry when you need a written response or confirmation from our Planning department.
You may need demolition consent from the Planning department before a building permit for demolition can be issued (pursuant to Section 29A of the Building Act 1993)
Use the this form when written consent pursuant to a Restriction of a Plan of Subdivision or Section 173 Agreement registered on Title
Dependant person's unit (granny flat). Gaming and liquor licensing. Bushfire Management Overlay. Planning requirements for home businesses.

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