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Who issues building permits?

Contact a building surveyor to obtain a permit

Building permits are issued by a private building surveyor engaged by the owner and registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), the regulator of Victoria's building and plumbing industries.

Find out how you can find a building surveyor.

About building surveyors

Building surveyors are responsible under law to comply with the Building Act and the Building Code of Australia. A building surveyor can provide advice on:

  • Timeframes for legal requirements.
  • Existing condition of a building, including issues like failing foundations, cracks in walls, etc.
  • Type and number of inspections required during the construction period.
  • Building legislation and general building issues.
  • How to bring an existing building into compliance with safety standards.

Building surveyors need a tertiary qualification, must be insured and must be registered with the Building Practitioners Board.

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