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Planning vs building

Planning relates to the use of land, the way land is developed and how any changes will fit in with the environment and life in our city. Building relates to the building and alteration of structures - houses, shops, offices and other developments.

At City of Casey, we make most of the planning decisions that affect our municipality. We decide whether or not to grant a planning permit for a new use or development, and what permit conditions are appropriate. When assessing a new planning application we consider the local area, and take into account how the application affects the neighbourhood.

The difference between planning permits and building permits

Planning permits and building permits are separate permits, and require separate approvals.

Planning permits

If required, a planning permit must be approved and issued prior to any building permit being approved. If a building permit is required, it must be consistent with the planning permit.

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Building permits

A building permit must be issued before a building project can proceed. The building permit process ensures that building works comply with regulations and that the project is independently inspected at key stages.

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