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Other structures and permit requirements

Balconies and decks

A building permit may be required for construction of a new balcony or deck. See: VBA - When is a building permit required?

If you are concerned about the safety of an existing balcony, have it checked by a structural engineer or architect. See: Archicentre Australia - Balcony safety check

Swimming pools and spas

A building permit is required for the construction of all pools and spas (below and above ground) capable of holding more than 300mm (30cm) of water.

A building permit is also required for installing and altering safety fences and barriers, including windows, doors and gates that provide access to a pool or spa area.

Also, the state government requires that all swimming pools and spas able to hold 300mm (30cm) of water must have suitable child-resistant safety barriers. Significant penalties apply for owners who do not comply.

For more information, see swimming pools, spas and their safety barriers - Victorian Building Authority.

New safety laws for swimming pools and spas

The Victorian Government has passed new laws around swimming pools and spa registrations. If you’ve got a pool or spa, you’ll need to register it with Council. These laws will come into effect on 1 December 2019.

The new regulations will improve backyard pool and spa safety. The aim is to reduce the number of drowning accidents that happen each year.

On average, four young children die in home swimming pools or spas in Victoria each year. There are also many more incidents of near-drownings.

The new law applies to all pools and spas capable of containing more than 300mm (30cm) of water. Owners must complete registrations by 14 April 2020.

Pool and spa owners will also need to get a Certificate of Compliance to ensure the barrier is compliant. You can get a certificate from:

  • a registered building surveyor
  • a building inspector
  • a swimming pool inspector

The due dates for the Certificate of Compliance will vary according to the age of the pool or spa. Council will inform residents of their due date following registration. Pool and spa owners must renew their compliance certificates every three years.

For more information, please visit the Victorian Building Authority website.


For certain fence types and heights, a building permit is not required. The VBA has advice on when you do and don't need a permit.

Before commencing any works the owner must check for covenants and restrictions on the title that may impose other restrictions on the construction of fences.

You may be eligible to share the cost of building a fence with us.

Water tanks

In most cases, you won't require a building permit. However, normal structure requirements may apply to the stand (if necessary), as it needs to be built to hold the weight of the tank.

We recommend you seek advice from an engineer, building surveyor or product supplier. See: VBA - Rainwater tanks

Solar panels

A building permit is not required if the installation of the solar panels does not adversely affect the structural soundness of the roof. An engineer, licensed builder or building surveyor can advise further.

Installation of solar panels must not contravene any existing planning requirements. Contact our Planning Department to determine if a planning permit is required.

Basketball rings

A permit is not required for installation, but you must ensure they are installed correctly. See: VBA - Basketball rings