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Objections to your planning permit

If your planning permit has received objections, you can request copies of any objections by completing the online form. 

Request copies of planning permit objections

Objections to a planning permit

Anyone who feels they will be adversely affected by your planning permit application are able to object. See: Object to a planning permit for details on objection requirements.

As a planning permit applicant, you may request copies of objections to your planning permit application, once the advertising period has concluded. You will only be able to make a request to view copies of any objections once the advertising period for objections is complete. 

Other ways to make a request

If you have requested copies of objections online and were unable to do so, you can submit a completed Request for Copies of Objection/Submissions. Include your planning permit application number and submit the form:

What happens next

Once the advertising period has finished, we will respond to your request.

Talk to us

We’re here to help you with your planning questions. To talk to the planner on duty:

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