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Amend an existing planning permit (Secondary Consent Request or Section 72)

You can amend a valid Planning Permit by completing the online form.

You can apply to amend:

  • the conditions of a planning permit.
  • the use or development for which the planning permit was issued.
  • approved plans.

Minor changes to an existing planning permit (Secondary Consent)

After a planning permit has been issued, you may find that minor changes are required to the endorsed plans. As long as the permit states a condition such as "the use and/or development shown on the endorsed plans must not be altered without the written consent of the Responsible Authority" you may submit a Request for Secondary Consent form.  

Request for Secondary Consent online

If you are unable to complete the online form, you can download a hard copy Request for Secondary Consent form.

Secondary Consent requests are only for minor changes to endorsed plans. You cannot apply to change permit conditions or what the permit allows under secondary consent provisions. You may not proceed with any unauthorised changes until they have been properly assessed and approved by us.

Note: if your planning permit was determined at VCAT, you must contact us before completing this form.

Major changes to an existing planning permit (Section 72)

After a planning permit has been issued, you may find that changes are required. If your proposed changes affect the reason for the permit or the conditions of the permit you should submit an Amend a Planning Permit form (under Section 72 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987).

Amend your Planning Permit online

If you are unable to complete this form online, you can download a hard copy Amend a Planning Permit Form

This process will require an additional assessment against the Casey Planning Scheme. You must not proceed with any unauthorised changes until they have been properly assessed and approved by us.

Note: a permit issued by the Minister under Division 6 cannot be amended using this form. Please contact us for further assistance.

Restrictions when amending a planning permit

You can only amend a valid planning permit. To find out if your planning permit is valid, check the expiry date located in the last condition on your planning permit. To amend the expiry date of your planning permit, visit Extend an existing planning permit.

Some planning permits issued as the result of an appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) contain conditions that restrict us from making amendments. You must read the planning permit conditions carefully. In these cases, the application to amend a permit needs to be made to VCAT.

Several factors are taken into account when considering an amendment to a planning permit. We suggest that you contact us to discuss your proposed changes.

Submitting your form

What to submit

  • Completed form
  • A current copy of the Title (not more than 30 days old)
  • Complete set of amended plans in the same format and scale as previously endorsed under the Planning Permit. Working drawings are not acceptable
  • All changes to be highlighted/clouded on plans
  • List of all changes and reasons/justifications for all changes
  • Payment of prescribed fee – you will be directed to a payment portal if paying online

Failure to provide all the information required may result in delays in processing your request.

Other ways to apply

If you cannot complete the online form, please submit completed hardcopy form, relevant documentation and payment:

If you wish to pay via credit card, please also download and complete a Credit Card Authorisation Form.

What happens next

Your application will be assigned to a planning officer and you will be notified when it's been received.

The planning officer will then assess your application and contact you if required.

Talk to us

We’re here to help you with your planning questions. To talk to the planner on duty: