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Minta Farm


The Minta Farm Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) area is bounded by land south of the Princess Freeway and the O’Shea Road reservation. Cardinia Creek is located to the east, Grices Road to the south and Soldiers Road to the west.

Precinct Structure Plan

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is preparing the Minta Farm PSP. The PSP will show how the land is expected to be developed.

Infrastructure funding

Infrastructure within the precinct will be funded by contributions from landowners. The Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP):

  • Identifies the location for schools, community facilities local parks and roads.
  • Establishes a framework for the collection of funding for infrastructure and services.
  •  Ensure the cost is shared between the various developers and the wider community.

Further information

For more information about the Minta Farm precinct can be found in the following documents:

  • Exhibited Minta Farm Precinct Structure Plan Precinct Structure Plan
  • Exhibited Minta Farm Precinct Structure Plan Infrastructure Contributions Plan

Access these documents from the Victorian Planning Authority website.

For any further enquiries, please contact the City Planning Department