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Minta Farm


The Minta Farm precinct is located approximately 45 kilometres southeast of the Melbourne Central Business District in the City of Casey. The Princes Freeway generally bounds the precinct to the northeast, Cardinia Creek to the east, Grices Road to the south and Soldiers Road to the west.

Precinct characteristics

Minta Farm will include a mix of employment and residential land. The precinct is strategically positioned adjacent to the Princes Freeway with a direct connection proposed through a future upgrade to the Beaconsfield interchange and O’Shea Road. Also, the precinct’s workforce and residents will be supported by close connectivity to the Beaconsfield Train Station and Melbourne’s metropolitan railway line.

Precinct structure plan

The Future Urban Structure Plan below shows how the precinct will be developed over time. It identifies the location of roads, housing, employment and local parks.

minta farm structure plan

Quick facts

  • Area covered by the Precinct Structure Plan – approximately 285 ha
  • Estimated number of dwellings – 3,050 homes
  • Estimated future population – 8,500 people
  • Estimated number of local jobs – up to 11,450 jobs

Infrastructure funding and C269case

Contributions from landowners will fund infrastructure within the precinct through an Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP). The Victorian Planning Authority is currently leading the planning scheme amendment C269case to update the existing interim ICP with a final ICP.

As part of the planning panel process for this amendment, Council is making all of the Expert Witness Reports available online.

Traffic engineering, infrastructure design and functional layout

Infrastructure costings

Planning and economics

The planning panel for Amendment C269case is scheduled to begin on 3 September 2020.

More information

Further information about the Minta Farm precinct can be found in the following document:

  • Minta Farm Precinct Structure Plan

Access these documents from the Victorian Planning Authority website.

For any further inquiries, please contact the Growth and Investment Department:

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