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Apply for asset protection final inspection

After your building works are complete, you must notify us within 7 days. We will inspect the building site to ensure no damage has occurred to Council assets.

If there is no damage

If the final inspection reveals no damage to Council assets, we will return your security bond within 28 working days.

If there is damage

If the final inspection reveals damage to Council assets, we will:

  • have the permit holder repair the damage, in accordance with Council standards and conditions
  • repair the damage at the permit holder's expense

If the cost of repair is less than the security bond, Council will refund the remainder to you.

If the cost of repair is more than the security bond, Council will retain your security bond and invoice you for the difference.

How to notify us

Notify us online

If you are unable to notify us online, please complete and submit a Request for Final Inspection of Council Assets form.

Note: you must submit images of the site once work is complete to arrange final inspection. To ensure your refund is not delayed, images must:

  • show full view of footpath, nature strip and driveway from front of building
  • show that assets are free of obstruction, e.g. clear of debris, skips and building materials

Please submit the application form, damage report template and payment:

What happens next

  • Refunds will be processed via electronic funds transfer to the banking details provided with the permit application form.
  • Please allow at least 28 days for the funds to be accessible.
  • If your banking details have changed since you submitted your asset protection application, please contact us.