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City of Casey website disclaimer

The information provided on this website is intended as a series of general guidelines to the activities of City of Casey and as general community information. Every effort is made to maintain the information as current and accurate. However, it is not verified information and may not be relied on in any circumstance where verified information is called for.

No person should place reliance on information obtained from this website in circumstances where loss, damage or injury is possible. In such circumstances, the enquirer should make specific enquiries with Council or the relevant authority / organisation and obtain the required advice or information directly from authorised Council officers or relevant third parties.

The City of Casey denies liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from any person relying on information obtained by or through this website.

City of Casey is in no way responsible for any information or service which may appear on any third party sites which may be accessed through this website. Such access is made available in good faith as a community service.

Online Directories

Information provided in the online directories and elsewhere on this website is intended to provide a guide to many Council services as well as community groups, clubs and organisations in the City of Casey. The directories include Government, statutory, regional, other bodies and establishments providing a goods and services to the community.

However, the information contained is not exhaustive. No warranty, representation or undertaking is made about the content, accuracy and completeness of the information provided. For a more comprehensive listing of other local public or private bodies, check the local newspapers, telephone directories or other websites.

Council accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury which may arise from anything contained in this publication. No person is entitled to any redress against the Council on any account whatsoever and however arising in relation to any information provided.

The listing of any group, club, organisation, business or establishment is not an endorsement by Council of such group, club, organisation, business or establishment. Users of this website should not rely on the information provided and must make their own enquiries, inspections and assessments as to suitability and quality of services.

Email this page to a friend

Any use of the "Email this page to a friend" service sends a email to nominated recipients. The email is sent via the City of Casey website, but the City of Casey has no control over the contents of these emails. Any views expressed in such emails are those of the individual sender and may not necessarily reflect the view of the City of Casey.

The City of Casey does not store the contents of these emails, beyond standard website logs on our web server.

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