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How your planning application is assessed

Track your planning application. Request for further information (RFI). Amend an application for a planning permit. Advertising of your planning application. Objections to your planning permit. Planning Committee meetings. Deciding on a planning application.

Find out what happens to your planning permit application, after lodgement.
You can track where your planning or subdivision application is up to by using our Planning & Subdivision application register.
We sometimes need more information about your proposed use and/or development. Find out what happens during the RFI process, and what you can do if you receive a RFI.
After a planning application has been submitted to us for assessment, you may find that changes are required.
As part of the planning permit application process, your application may be advertised.
Anyone who feels they will be adversely affected by your planning permit application are able to object.
There are 3 types of decisions that can be made on a planning permit application.

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