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Request for further information (RFI)

You may receive a Request for Further Information (RFI) if we have determined that more information is needed during our initial assessment of your planning permit application.

You can respond to a RFI via the planning applications portal, search for your planning application and select Respond to / Extend RFI.

Planning Application Portal

A Request for Further Information (RFI) is needed to assess your planning application and will include:

  • Additional information required to be provided.
  • Any initial concerns or potential issues Council may have with the application.
  • The due date this information is required to be provided by.

The planning officer allocated to your application will inform you when you must provide this information. This date will be set based on the level of information you need to submit.

Missing the due date

If you do not provide us with all the requested information, your application will lapse and cannot be assessed further. You will need to lodge a new planning permit application, including all relevant fees and information.

Extending the due date

You can request an extension of time to respond to a RFI via the planning applications portal, search for your planning application and select Respond to / Extend RFI.

Planning Application Portal

Submit your request in writing

Please send your request, in writing, to the planning officer allocated to your application.

What happens next?

We will assess the merits of your request and provide a written response nominating the new due date.

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