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Pets and animals

Pet registration. Looking after your pet. Problems with animals. Lost and found pets. Wildlife and animal rescue. Pay an animal fine.

Restrictions on keeping pets. Maximum number of animals. Microchipping and desexing. Registration fees. Register your pet. Keep extra animals or livestock. How your registration fee supports Casey.
Information on cats in Casey, including ordering registration tags, keeping cats on your property, nuisance cats and responsible cat breeding.
Information on dogs in Casey, including ordering registration tags, looking after your dog, barking dogs, dangerous and restricted dog breeds and dog attacks.
Bees & wasps. Rats, mice & other pests. Indian Myna birds. Wildlife & animal rescue.
If you have received an infringement notice, you can pay it online with your credit card. Please have your infringement notice ready as you will need the reference number.
Find out what to do if you have lost your pet, or if you have found someone else's pet.
Find out how to help animals that are injured or in need of assistance.
Animal foster carers are volunteers who take care of an animal until it's ready to be rehomed. You can apply for a permit to foster animals in Casey.

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