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Places of Public Entertainment (POPE) and Temporary Structures

When do you need a permit

A place of public entertainment is a building or place used or intended to be used for conducting public entertainment or a public meeting - being either of the following:

  • A public assembly building of more than 500m2 or
  • A place of more than 500m2, which may include the erection of a prescribed temporary structure being one of the following:
  • A seating stand for more than 20 persons
  • A marquee of more than 100m2
  • A tent of more than 100m2
  • A booth of more than 100m2
  • A stage or platform of more than 150m2

Public Entertainment means an entertainment or meeting to which admission may ordinarily be gained by members of the public.

Examples of Public Entertainment

  • Circus
  • Grand Prix
  • Rodeo
  • Cinema in the Park
  • Community Fair / Show (eg Melbourne Show)
  • Kids Carnival
  • Community Cup
  • Live Performances (e.g. rock concerts)

When a siting is required

A siting of a temporary structure is required to be obtained prior to erection of any of the following structures:

  • Tents, marquees or booths with a floor area greater than 100m2, or
  •  Stages or platforms (including sky borders and stage wings) exceeding 150m2 in floor area, or
  •  Seating stands for more than 20 persons, or
  •  Prefabricated buildings exceeding 100m2 other than ones placed directly on the ground surface.


The regulations exempt  community-based organisations from the requirements of an occupancy permit for place of public entertainment, if

  • The public entertainment is conducted in an outdoor recreational facility (e.g. football ground, park, reserves) greater than 500m2, and
  • No temporary structures erected, and
  • The number of persons in the place at any one time during the event or activity is less than 5000 persons.


For further information visit the VBA Practice Note.

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