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Which building works require a permit?

Think of your building permit as your 'license' for your building project. You will need to apply for a building permit on most building projects before the building work starts.

Which building works require a permit?

Building works such as new constructions or extensions require a building permit.

Some minor building works do not require a building permit.

To find out what types of building works require a permit see:

Why you need a building permit

The Building Act requires that a building permit is issued before commencing building work.

Commencement and completion dates for building works are specified on the issued building permit and can vary depending on whether the works are residential or commercial.

Penalties apply for illegal building works. Illegal building works can also create problems during the sale of a property and may affect the outcome of any insurance claim.

To view a helpful checklist on applying for permits, see: Consumer Affairs Victoria - Plans and permits.

Is a planning permit also required?

When both a planning permit and a building permit are required for a proposal, then the planning permit must be approved and issued first – before the building permit can be issued.

Obtaining a permit

Building permits are issued by a private building surveyor engaged by the owner. For more information, visit Who issues building permits?

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