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Casey Planning Scheme

About planning schemes

Planning schemes are legal documents prepared by the local council or the Minister for Planning, and approved by the Minister. They contain policies and provisions that control how people can use and develop land.

Each Council in Victoria is covered by a planning scheme. Planning schemes apply to all private and public land in Victoria. They are binding on everyone including people, businesses, government departments and councils.

The Casey Planning Scheme is reviewed every four years. It was last reviewed in 2018 and is due for review in 2022. See: Casey Planning Scheme Review

Every Victorian planning scheme is available online.

View the Casey Planning Scheme

Planning scheme components

Planning schemes have 3 main parts:

  1. maps that show how land is affected by zones and overlays
  2. ordinance setting out the written requirements of a scheme
  3. incorporated documents

Find out more about planning schemes on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

Other documents important to decision making

The following documents are not part of the planning scheme, but play an important role in decision making.

Adopted Documents

Planning documents can be adopted by Council under a planning scheme provision, such as a schedule to the Development Plan Overlay, for example. Adopted documents have an important role in decision-making but are not part of the planning scheme. They do not have the same status of incorporated documents.

Examples of Adopted Documents include:

  • Development Plans
  • Cell Plans

View all Adopted Documents.

Reference Documents

Reference documents have a role in decision-making but they are not part of the planning scheme. They do not have the same status of incorporated documents. Reference documents may be mentioned in the planning scheme as a source of useful background information.

Examples of Reference Documents include:

View all Reference Documents.

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