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VicSmart planning assessments

VicSmart is an assessment process to fast-track straightforward planning permit applications. If your planning permit application meets the VicSmart criteria, you can lodge a VicSmart application online.

Applications assessed under VicSmart:

  • can expect a decision within 10 business days
  • do not require advertising
  • will contain pre-set information you must submit with your application.

Apply for a VicSmart planning permit

If your application does not meet the VicSmart criteria, please submit via Council's planning application form.​

    VicSmart criteria

    You must meet set criteria for your application to be considered under the VicSmart process. The criteria is specific for each zone, overlay and particular provision that may require a planning permit.

    Please contact Council to find out whether your permit is eligible for VicSmart.

    You must provide all required information with your VicSmart application. Otherwise, we will request further information. The information requirements for each type of VicSmart process are specified under Clause 59 of the Casey Planning Scheme.

    Further information on the VicSmart assessment process is also provided at Clause 71.06 of the Casey Planning Scheme and on the State Government Planning website.

    Amending your permit through VicSmart​

    After a planning permit has been issued, you may find that changes are required. If your proposed changes are within the scope of a VicSmart class, the VicSmart process may apply.​

    Apply for a VicSmart amendment to your planning permit

    Talk to us

    We’re here to help you with general planning matters. We encourage you to talk to us before you submit your planning application. This could save you time and help you to submit your application correctly.

    To talk to the planner on duty please call (03) 9705 5200.

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