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Managing our growth

The City of Casey is one of Australia's fastest growing regions:

  • We are the 3rd fastest growing municipality in Victoria, behind Wyndham and Whittlesea.
  • We are the 8th fastest growing municipality in Australia.
  • Our population is forecast to grow from approximately 323,604 in 2017 to 514,800 by 2041.

Managing growth

All land in Casey’s growth areas are subject either a Development Plan or a Precinct Structure Plan The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) plan for long term development within growth area precincts.

Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs)

Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) are master plans for new communities, between 10,000 and 30,000 people. PSPs set out the vision for how land should be developed to ensure a quality and affordable lifestyle for future communities. PSPs plan for projects such as:

  • roads and transport
  • housing
  • employment
  • parks and facilities

You can access PSPs from the Victorian Planning Authority website or view PSPs for Casey's growth areas.

Development Plans

Development Plans apply to growth area land that does not fall within growth area precincts.

View Development Plans for growth areas in Casey.

Development Contributions Plans (DCPs)

Development Contributions Plans DCPs help identify key services and infrastructure required to support the new communities. You can access DCPs on the Victorian Planning authority (VPA) website.


  • Identify and provide costings for the infrastructure projects throughout the precinct.
  • Establish funding framework  for the delivery of these projects.
  • Ensure the cost is shared equitably between the various developers and the wider community.

Infrastructure Contribution Plans (ICPs)

Infrastructure Contribution Plans (ICPs) will replace Development Contributions Plans (DCPs). The infrastructure within Minta Farm, Croskell, Casey Fields South Employment, Devon Meadows and Clyde South will be funded through ICPs.

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