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We are working to address the impact of the storms on Tuesday 13 February.

Report a bin problem

Report a missed bin collection

Before you report a missed collection:

If you still need to make a report, you must do so within 48 hours of your collection day. To make a report, please notify us of your missed collection.

Please note: Council has a new waste and recycling contractor, Cleanaway. You may notice a difference with your bin collection times. If your bin has not been picked up, please wait until the day after your collection before you contact Council.

Report a bin collection issue

What happens next?

  • If you report a missed collection within 48 hours and we find that we were at fault, we will have the bin collected within 1 business days.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot order an extra collection or ask for the truck to return if you missed your collection time.

If you put your bins out too late

If you failed to put your bins out on time due to unforeseen circumstances, you can contact us to find out your options:

Unforeseen circumstances can include:

  • you were ill
  • you were in the hospital
  • you were away

If you don't have a history of missed collections, we may be able to collect your rubbish.

Notify Council of a problem with a bin

You can notify Council online if you have an issue with your bins, such as:

  • your bin was not collected
  • your bin is jammed
  • your bin was spilled

Report an issue with your bin

You can also contact Council directly for issues like:

  • someone dumped their rubbish in your bin
  • garbage or recycling truck damaged your property

What happens next?

  • We will investigate your report with our bin service provider. In some situations, you may need to deal with the bin service provider directly.
  • If you report rubbish dumping, we will investigate and contact the offenders as appropriate.

Report an issue with a neighbour's bins

If you have an issue with a neighbour's bins, we recommend you first contact your neighbour. Most issues can be resolved with a friendly chat.

If this doesn't work, you should contact us to make a report. Issues can include:

  • bins being overfilled
  • bins not brought in soon enough

What happens next?

  • We will investigate your report and contact your neighbours, as appropriate.
  • If the issue continues, we will send the offender a letter advising them of what further action could be taken.

Bin contamination

Council conducts routine inspections of bins in the City of Casey as part of an education program to help reduce the amount of items being placed in the wrong bins. 

The inspections are conducted by a contractor on behalf of Council.

Warning sticker

If you find a sticker on the lid of your bin, it may be a warning. It is to advise you that there is an unauthorised item in your recycling or garbage bin and to educate you for the future.

Your bin will still be collected as usual, but you should make sure you know what you can and can't put in your bins.

Rejection sticker

If you find a sticker over the lip of your bin preventing you from opening it, it will be a rejection sticker. This sticker advises you that an unauthorised item is in your bin and you must remove it before your bin can be collected.

You must remove the item and contact us within 48 hours. Your bin will then be collected at Council's discretion.

If your bin is confiscated

If you receive multiple warning or rejection stickers in the last 6 months, we can confiscate your bin.

We will send you a letter and remove your bins until you contact us for more information.

Get your confiscated bin back

To reinstate your confiscated bins, please contact us. We will discuss with you the contamination problem and advise you on how to better manage your waste.

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