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Apply for a septic system permit

Choosing the right septic system

You should choose a septic system suitable for your property and the surrounding area. Find out more on the different types of septic systems available.

You should have a qualified onsite wastewater consultant assess your property before you apply to install or alter your septic system.

To find out how you can have your property assessed and which system is most suitable to you:

What you need to apply

Arrange land capability assessment

Your property will need an evaluation done by a qualified land capability assessor. Unless Council advises it is not required, an assessor will prepare a report. The report will check the capacity of your land to absorb treated wastewater onsite.

A land capability assessor is a qualified soil scientist or hydrogeologist. Council does not endorse one qualified consultant over another. You can find a certified assessor via the web.

Provide a site plan

You must provide a site plan with your application form. Your site plan must show:

  • The proposed dwelling and ancillary buildings/structures
  • Septic system location
  • Disposal area
  • Nearby water bodies and retarding basins

Provide a floor plan

You must also provide a floor plan of the dwelling, including an existing floor plan/new floor plan for dwelling additions.

How to apply

To apply for a permit to install or alter a septic system, you or your plumber must complete and provide:

Submit your application form

What happens next?

  • Once we have received the required documentation,  we will assess your application. You will receive an invoice for the fee once the assessment is complete.
  • We will contact you within 5 business days to inform you of the outcome of the application. If we require further information or need you to alter your plans, we will advise at this time.
  • Note: City of Casey’s permits expire 3 years after the date of issue.  If works aren’t completed within this timeframe, you will need to apply to renew your permit.

Requirements before using your septic system

Before you can use your system:

  • You must provide us with a certificate of compliance and ‘as-laid’ plan from your plumber that ensures all works comply with relevant standards and regulations.
  • We will conduct a final inspection of the installation to make sure it meets the criteria of the permit.
  • If your system passes the inspection, we will issue an approval to use certificate for the system. New systems can’t be used until the approval to use certificate has been issued.
  • You should make sure you maintain your system to comply with your general environmental duty
    and avoid having the system fail.

Permit to alter a septic system

If you are making a minor alteration to your existing septic system, apply for a permit to make a minor alteration.  A minor alteration is the installation, replacement or relocation of internal plumbing, fixtures or fittings of a septic system.

Under the new Environment Protection legislation, you can now: 

How to apply 

Download the relevant form and provide: 

  • The additional documentation as requested in the application form. 

Submit your application 

Complete your application form and return along with any required documents and fee (refer to application form for further details).   

What happens next? 

  • Once we have received the required documentation, we will assess your application. For applications for an exemption from a permit, you will receive an invoice for the fee once the assessment is complete. 
  • We will contact you within 5 business days to inform you of the outcome of the application. If we require further information we will advise you at this time. 

Septic Systems Permit Fees

The fees for septic system permits are set out in the Environment Protection Regulations and are reproduced in the table below.

Application type

Application Fee

Permit to construct, install or alter a system

Varies – minimum fee 48.88 fee units

Minor alteration permit

37.25 fee units

Renew a permit

8.31 fee units

Transfer a permit

9.93 fee units

Amend a permit

10.38 fee units

Exemption from a permit

Varies – minimum fee 14.67 fee units

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