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Sharps Container Exchange Program

Changes to sharps container exchange

The Customer Service Centres are closed.  If you urgently require a new sharps container during the lockdown period, please call Customer Service on 9705 5200 and a council officer can drop a new container at your home. This service is free for eligible City of Casey residents.


You must be a City of Casey resident to be eligible for the sharps container exchange program. Businesses and other healthcare organisations are not eligible for this service.

Swapping containers

Please hold on to any used containers for return once the Customer Service Centres re-open.

Alternatively, you can use the Department of Health’s interactive map to find other locations that may be open. It is essential that you call a site first to check that they will accept your container as some providers may only accept their own containers for disposal.  

Disposing of medical waste

Needles, medical waste, including dialysis equipment and tubing, should never go in kerbside bins. It contaminates the waste collection and puts people who handle recycling and garden waste at risk of needle injuries.

For more information on how Council can help you get rid of medical waste, please contact customer service at 9705 5200.

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