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Reduce your water use

rain water

Households are responsible for more than two-thirds of Victoria’s total water use. As our population in Casey grows, and climate change makes rainfall less reliable, we all need to look after this precious resource because if we each save a little, we all save a lot.

By saving water at home you can also reduce your water bills and improve the health of our creeks and rivers. There are so many ways to save water, you could try:  

  • Creating water-saving habits such as shortening showers or turning the tap off when brushing your teeth.
  • Installing water-saving appliances 
  • Installing a rainwater tank
  • Reusing grey water (water from the shower or the washing machine) in the garden
  • For outdoor water saving tips, you could:
  • Water your garden wisely  Choose Native plants.
  • Install a rainwater tank
  • Build a raingarden


Greywater is the relatively clean wastewater from baths, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances (excluding toilets). If handled properly, it can be safely reused for the garden, however, must be confined to within your property and shouldn’t leak into stormwater drains or waterways. Also, untreated greywater must not be stored longer than 24 hours. Overflow from a greywater system must discharge to a sewer or septic tank.

The Advantages of re-using Grey Water:

  • Reduces water consumption. Harvested grey water can be collected automatically and used for various systems, such as toilet flushing and outside taps 
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Tailored to your specific requirements.

There is no specific legislation banning the use of untreated greywater in Victoria, however, greywater contains bacteria, which could pose a risk to human health, pets and the environment. The Department of Health and Human Services does not recommend the re-use of untreated greywater inside the home.

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