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Apply for a cloth nappy & reusable sanitary product rebate

Cloth nappies and reusable sanitary products are healthier for the environment. To encourage their use, the City of Casey is offering rebates on these environmentally friendly options. This is a one-off rebate per household.

The program is funded by a limited budget so may stop at any time at Council's discretion. Please supply the correct documents or Council cannot guarantee a rebate.

You can find more information on babies and children at the City of Casey's Baby Steps website.

What you can claim

Each household in the City of Casey is eligible for one rebate per category. Separate applications are required for each.

  • Cloth nappies  50% of the purchase price with a maximum refund of $150. For example, spend $300 and receive a rebate of $150 or if $400 is spent the maximum returned is still $150.
    Includes cloth and swim nappies, reusable inner liner for nappies, reusable wipes, wet bags, reusable nursing breast pads

  • Reusable sanitary products   50% of the purchase price with a maximum refund of $100.
    Includes sanitary pads, sanitary cups, leak-proof underwear and wet bags


To claim your rebates you must provide:

A copy of the receipt of purchase

In the one photo must include:

  • Your full name
  • Company name of the purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • Cost and name of items

Receipt of purchase example

Proof that you live in Casey

In the one photo a bill within 3 months that must include:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Date

Cloth nappy electricity invoice example

You must provide two full photos, just like the examples above:

  • one full photo of your receipt - ensure the image is not cropped
  • and one full photo of your proof of residence e.g. electricity bill.

Do not upload multiple photos of each item. Council will not approve rebates unless you provide the correct documentation. If your application includes a receipt without your name on it - an Aldi receipt, for example - you may need to supply proof that you purchased the item/s (such as a bank statement). We will contact you once to clarify any information needed for your application. If you do not provide this information within one month the application will be closed.

Successful rebates will be paid into the bank account of your choice. Please ensure your banking details are correct.

Please view the full terms and conditions before submitting your rebate.

Apply for the rebate online

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