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Fire and smoke

Fire safety. Burn off permits. Report illegal burning. Report excessive smoke.

Changes to service due to COVID-19

Council is making some changes to our services, following current COVID-19 restrictions. 

Council officers will now make every attempt to resolve issues by phone. Some inspections may need to take place in person, but only if necessary. In these cases, we ask the community to respect physical distancing recommendations.

This approach reduces the need for staff and community members to be in close contact. It also follows physical distancing advice.

Travelling for fire prevention

The Victorian Government announced that owners may travel to second properties to prevent and prepare for hazards. Residents must apply for travel permits through the Council where their property resides. But the government has stated that travel to second properties beyond current restrictions (25 kilometres) should be a last resort. Property owners can engage independent contractors under current restrictions without attending the property.

More information on coronavirus
We have put together a series of plans and strategies to make sure we are ready and prepared in case of fire. For all emergencies dial 000.
You need a permit if you wish to burn off grass, weeds or other vegetation on your property outside of the CFA declared fire danger period. You cannot burn off during the CFA declared fire danger period unless a CFA permit has been issued to you by the Country Fire Authority.
Illegal burning can be dangerous, especially during the CFA fire danger period or total fire ban days. If you notice excessive smoke or someone burning off, you may need to contact Council or emergency services.

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