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Gardens for Wildlife (G4W)

A kookaburra enjoys its natural surrounds. Photo by Julie Pugh

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The City of Casey is excited to launch the Gardens for Wildlife (G4W) program in 2021.

This free pilot program equips gardeners of all abilities with the support and materials they need to create a wildlife-friendly garden in Casey.

From mid-2021, residents will be able to register their interest to receive in-person advice about how to create habitat in their own garden, as well as a voucher to purchase indigenous plants.

About the G4W program

G4W is run through a partnership between the City of Casey and the Casey community in affiliation with Gardens for Wildlife Victoria. The program is aimed to foster the community’s understanding of local biodiversity, while also serving to create connections between residents and support nearby indigenous nurseries to do their important work.

The G4W program has many benefits. Participants will:  

  • Learn how to enhance their garden in a way which attracts local wildlife
  • Receive a free garden assessment including advice on local indigenous plants that could be introduced 
  • Become part of a network of like-minded people and experience a greater sense of community.

Learn more about the G4W program and keep up to date with environmental news in Casey through:

G4W Garden Guide Volunteers 

View the G4W Garden Guide volunteer role description

Become a G4W volunteer 

Anyone who is interested in helping others create a space which promotes local wildlife is encouraged to apply to be a volunteer 'Garden Guide'. 

Garden Guides will:

  • Receive training in wildlife-friendly gardening
  • Create connections with other passionate locals
  • Become part of the G4W network. 

You do not need expert knowledge of gardening or biodiversity to apply. We are currently training the first round of G4W volunteers. You are welcome to submit your application to be part of the next intake. The next round of volunteers will be chosen and trained in July 2021.

Indigenous Plant Nurseries

Planting Indigenous plants in your garden has many benefits. You can view a copy of our Indigenous Plant Guide online or the Sustainable Garden Guide for tips.

Nurseries which stock indigenous plants that are suitable for gardens in Casey are listed below:

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