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Electric vehicles in Casey

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Corporate transport emissions

The City of Casey is committed to reducing transport related carbon emissions by 25% through the transition to electric and hybrid vehicles and fuel efficiency improvements. Through its fleet management policy, the City of Casey has invested in fully electric and hybrid vehicles. Between 2011 and 2019, Council reduced corporate emissions by 25%. 

Greenhouse gas emissions from Council’s fleet vehicles have been offset since 2010 through the purchasing of local reforestation carbon offsets. 

Community transport emissions

To support the uptake of electric vehicles by the community, Council has electric vehicle charging stations at three locations across our municipality. They are:

From 20 July 2023 Council’s electric vehicle charging stations have incurred a cost to the user of 30c/kWh. This tariff covers the cost of providing 100% GreenPower, maintenance and subscription services for the chargers. 

Electric Vehicle Council Charging Map

In 2022 the South-East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) commissioned the Institute for Sensible Transport and Point Advisory to develop an Electric Vehicle Charging Roadmap. This roadmap identifies optimal locations for publicly available EV chargers and details the key issues to consider in the development of an implementation plan.

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