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Find your bin collection day

We will collect your bins according to the following schedule:

  • Rubbish bins: collected every week.
  • Recycling bins: collected every 2 weeks.
  • Garden waste bins: collected every 2 weeks.

Your next collection date

To find out when your bins will be collected next, visit Your Property.

Put your bins out the night before

Place your bins out for collection the night before their scheduled collection day.

Make sure you bring your bin inside by 12pm the day after your scheduled collection. You cannot leave your bins on the nature strip between collection days.

How to put your bin out safely

  • Place your bin near the kerb on your naturestrip.
  • Make sure the bin handles face away from the road.
  • Leave enough room between bins and other obstacles like street lights and cars.
  • Do not overfill your bins. The lid must close.
  • Do not make your bins too heavy. If the bin is too heavy, we cannot empty it.

Dead-end, court bowls and hammer-head streets

Where to place your bins for different streets. Written explanation below.

Dead-end streets: Your dead-end street may be collected as a one-sided collection.

Court bowls: Do not place your bin in the 'court bowl' end of your street.

Hammer-head streets: Please do not place your bin in the 'hammer-head' end of your street.

Report a missed collection

If your bin was not collected, please let us know

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