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Trees and plants

Report a problem with a tree. Looking after our trees. Indigenous plant guide. Identify and remove weeds.

Trees provide more than just environmental benefits. Find out about Casey’s urban forest and what trees can do for you.
If you want to request to have a tree planted on public land you can report it to us online. You can also request the removal of a fallen tree or branch or report any other tree-related concerns.
Trees are highly valued in the City of Casey and there is overwhelming support for the provision of green, treed landscapes. Here are some steps on how to take care of them.
An environmental weed is a plant that flourishes in the local bushland that wouldn't normally be found there. Download our weed identification guide to find out how you can prevent and remove weeds in Casey.
For identified significant trees, you need a planning permit to remove, destroy or lop the tree or undertake buildings and works within the Tree Protection Zone.
Indigenous plants are those that occur naturally in a particular area. We have partnered with the Cardinia Shire Council to create an indigenous plant guide.
Find out about how we look after our trees, when we plant new ones and what the regulations on tree maintenance are.
Information on the City of Casey's Gardens for Wildlife (G4W) program.