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Trees and plants

Council manages trees, grass and gardens on public land across the City of Casey.

If you see a problem with Council managed trees, you can request a tree service online.
Find out more about the benefits of trees in the City of Casey and the urban heat island effect.
Learn about City of Casey’s significant tress, how they are identified and why.
Learn more about how City of Casey ensures the protection of trees on development sites.
Council manages the planting, pruning and maintenance of tress on public land.
Every year Council managed trees may be infested with insects. In most cases, infestations are seasonal, harmless to people and pets and will not cause permanent harm to the tree.
Find out more about when Council may remove trees on public land.
Find out what you can do if you see tree root damage from Council managed trees.
Learn which Australian native plants are found in Casey and how encouraging their growth helps the ecosystem.
Noxious weeds can devastate our indigenous brush landscape. Find out how you can identify, prevent and remove noxious weeds.
G4W is a free program supporting gardeners of all abilities to create a wildlife-friendly garden.

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