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Home energy efficiency rebates

energy rebate

After you have used the Energy and Water Efficiency Home Audit Kit and identified air leaks in your home, you can apply for a rebate of up to $200 to draught proof your home.  

Please make sure to review all the information on this page to ensure the correct steps are followed and your rebate meets the eligibility criteria. 

How to apply

Step 1

Visit and enter your residential address.

Step 2

Provide the following documents: 

  • Proof that you live in the City of Casey
  • Receipt of the draught proofing items you purchased
  • Evidence you borrowed and used the Energy and Water Efficiency Home Audit Kit
  • Evidence that you installed the draught proofing items in your home.  

Step 3

Provide your bank account details. The rebate will be paid directly into your account in 1-2 weeks.

What products the rebate applies to

Rebates can be submitted for the following types of products: 

  • door and window draught stoppers 
  • chimney draught stoppers 
  • hot water system insulators and lagging (including the purchase of one roll of electrical tape) 
  • block out roller blinds 
  • pelmets 
  • honeycomb blinds 
  • thermal blinds 
  • window insulation 
  • reflective window film 
  • garage door weather seals 
  • gap fillers 
  • sealants. 

Rebates cannot be submitted for the following excluded products: 

  • insulation batts or blow in 
  • underfloor insulation 
  • paying a trades person 
  • double glazed windows 
  • thick glazed windows 
  • replacement of doors or windows 
  • upgrades to plumbing or fixing water leaks 
  • replacement of vents 
  • upgrades to heating and cooling systems or lighting 
  • energy efficient appliances 
  • curtains 
  • paint or other repair materials. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Only available for properties located in the City of Casey (proof of residence required). 
  • Only one application per household will be accepted for an indefinite period. 
  • Applications can be submitted for up to a maximum of $200 AUD. If the full $200 is not claimed, additional applications cannot be made.   
  •  Full proof of purchase is required detailing the applicant's first and last name, company name (if applicable), purchase date and the name and cost of each item purchased. Partial copies will not be accepted. 
  • Applicants must have borrowed and used a City of Casey Energy and Water Efficiency Home Audit Kit (proof of use required).  
  • Receipts for draught-proofing items must be dated from the past six (6) months from date of submission. 
  • Products must be installed by the resident or an un-paid helper. The rebate cannot be used to pay a trades person or require a technical trade to install including plumber, electrician, builder, insulation installer or glazier.   
  • Applications are to be submitted online via only. 

Terms and conditions

  • The City of Casey holds no responsibility for following up missing information supplied by the applicant. 
  • The City of Casey holds the right to reject any application. The reason for rejection will be foreclosed in a response via email. 
  • The rebate program may be paused at any time if budget allocations have been exhausted. 


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