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Household waste

Request bins. Find your bin collection day. Hard rubbish collections. Where to dispose of waste. Rebates for compost bins. The future of waste in Casey.

The City of Casey is committing to reducing landfill in the future. Council is focusing on finding an alternative, cleaner and greener solution to manage our waste now and for future generations.
Tips to help reduce your waste. Apply for a rebate for your compost bin. Apply for a cloth nappy and reusable sanitary product rebate.
Find out what you are allowed to put in your bins for successful collection. Recycle right and choose the right bin.
From August 2020 you can empty all your food scraps straight into your dark red garden waste bin. Council will collect your garden and food waste, which will be used to create compost.
Find out happens to your waste after your put it in one of your bins or out for hard rubbish.
We collect rubbish bins every week and recycling and garden waste bins every 2 weeks. You should put your bin out the night before it is due to be collected. If your collection was missed please report it to us.
Order bins for a new property. Order additional or replacement bins. Have your bin repaired. Cancel additional bins.
Report a problem with bins. Bin contamination. Report a missed collection.
Some items can't be disposed of in your household rubbish or through hard waste. We've put together a list of other options you can try to dispose of your waste.
Council is introducing changes to the extra recycle bin service.

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