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Household waste

Request bins. Find your bin collection day. Hard rubbish collections. Where to dispose of waste. Rebates for compost bins. The future of waste in Casey.

Recycling and Waste Guide

Understand what goes in each household bin and where else can you dispose of your waste. Let’s bin it right!

Download the Waste Guide.

To order your guide be sent to your house, click here.

Waste guide cover
We collect rubbish bins every week and recycling and garden waste bins every 2 weeks. You should put your bin out the night before it is due to be collected. If your collection was missed please report it to us.
Search the waste disposal directory to find out how to get rid of waste and unwanted items in Casey. 
Information on how to order a bin for a new property. How to order an additional bin. How to report a damaged bin. How to request a bin repair. How to report a missing bin. How to cancel a bin.
Information on how to report a bin problem. Report a missed bin collection. What to do if you put your bins out too late. Information about bin contamination and bin inspections.
Find out what should go in your rubbish, recycling and food and garden waste bins and what should be left out.
Information on recycling centres and transfer stations available in the City of Casey.
Information on how to reduce your waste. How to apply for a compost bin rebate. How to apply for a cloth nappy and reusable sanitary product rebate. Information on recycling centres and transfer stations. The future of waste in Casey.