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We are working to address the impact of the storms on Tuesday 13 February.

Council's climate resources

Through the City of Casey’s Shape Your City engagement program in 2020 and 2021, our community identified a sustainable and resilient municipality as a key theme. To show Council’s commitment, Objective 3 in the Council Plan is to foster environmentally sustainable practices and work towards being climate ready.

Environment Strategy


The City of Casey Environment Strategy 2021-2025 outlines how Objective 3 of the Council Plan will be achieved. The strategy sets out clear measurable targets, and the actions that Council will be taking to meet these targets. 

Climate Action Plan

In February 2023, Council endorsed the Climate Action Plan 2022-2030. This eight-year plan outlines the feasible, effective, and meaningful mitigation actions that set both the community and Council on the path to net zero emissions. 


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