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Report burning

During CFA fire danger period or total fire ban days

Every year, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) declare a fire danger period. During this period, they restrict the use of fire in the community to prevent fires from starting.

The CFA has a list of what you can and can't do during the fire danger periods.

If you see someone doing the wrong thing during the fire danger period or a total fire ban day, you should call the fire brigade and/or police on 000.

Outside of CFA fire danger period

If you believe someone is lighting an illegal or dangerous fire outside of the CFA fire danger period, you can contact us:

We will investigate the report as soon as possible.

Fires for cooking, warmth or campfires

Small fires are permitted for cooking or warmth outside of the fire danger period.

In such cases, the fire must:

  • be contained (such as a barbecue, brazier or purpose built for cooking or warmth)
  • be primarily used for cooking or warmth
  • not cause a nuisance to your neighbours
  • be 3m clear of space above and around its perimeter

If the fire is dangerous or threatening

If a fire for cooking, warmth or a campfire is dangerous to homes or buildings, you should call the fire brigade on 000 immediately.

Excessive smoke

If smoke from your neighbour's chimney, wood heater or open fireplace is causing excessive smoke, you should first talk to them. Often your neighbour may not be aware they are creating a lot of smoke.

The Environmental Protection Authority Victoria also has some tips to reduce smoke from wood heaters.

Report an issue

If talking to your neighbour doesn't solve the problem, you can report an issue to us. Please provide as much detail as possible about the problem and where it appears to be coming from.

We will investigate your complaint within 48 hours.

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