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Report an issue

Popular issues
If you are having problems with a cat in your neighbourhood, you should first talk to your neighbour. We find that most issues can be resolved with a friendly chat. If that doesn't work, find out what options you have.
If you have a non-urgent concern with a tree on public land, you can report it to us online. This can include removing a fallen tree or branch, reporting a concern with a tree or having a new tree planted.
Find out what to do if you have lost your pet, or if you have found someone else's pet.
Find out who the current Mayor and Councillors are at the City of Casey and how to contact them.
You can make a complaint online, by telephone or in person at one of our customer services centres.
Find out how to help animals that are injured or in need of assistance.
If you are having problems with birds, there are a number of things you can try. Common problems include swooping magpies, Indian Myna birds, corellas and cockatoos, and nuisance poultry.
Property owners are responsible for building and maintaining fences on their property. If you share a fence with a neighbour, you may be able to share any costs with them. If your fence is next to a Council property, you may apply to share fencing costs with us.
If a vehicle is unregistered or has not been moved for more than 2 months, you can report it as abandoned. We will investigate your report and may impound the vehicle if necessary.
If you notice a syringe in a public place, we will safely collect it within 2 hours
If you see someone littering or dumping rubbish on public land, you can report it to us or other relevant government departments.
Illegal burning can be dangerous, especially during the CFA fire danger period or total fire ban days. If you notice excessive smoke or someone burning off, you may need to contact Council or emergency services.
All food businesses in the City of Casey must be registered and meet strict food preparation and safety laws. If you're concerned about food safety or hygiene practices or you suspect eating at a particular business made you sick, you can make a complaint to our Environmental Health Team.
Find out who to contact in case of an emergency.